Skope Outset electric fires


Skope Outset electric fires

1. Choose your size

Not only do you decide the size, but you can decide whether you want a two or three sided installation. Two configurations are rectangular, the other two -almost square, as below. The flame viewing area for each is outlined below.
  1. Skope Outset 55W = 550 x 560mm flame viewing area
  2. Skope Outset 75W = 750 x 752mm flame viewing area
  3. Skope Outset 70W = 700 x 330mm flame viewing area
  4. Skope Outset 110W = 1100 x 330mm flame viewing area

2. Choose your fuel bed and base trim options

For the fuel bed choose between the log and grey/clear pebbles option, or the crystal-ice. For the base trim, choose from left, right or centre.

ECO design compliant, CE approved

Instant controllable heat (output 1 - 2kW) Using the thermostatic remote control you control the flame options, back-lighting and much more! Mesmerising flames and lighting effects, with or without heat Chromalight LED backlighting, choose from 13 colours Customisable fuel effects Choose an amber or blue flames, with five brightness settings for each.

Why choose a Skope Outset electric fire?

  • If you want your fire to be a show-stopping focal point, then this is probably the Skope for you
  • You want a fire that can be viewed from two or three sides
  • Choose between logs and pebbles or the crystal-ice fuel-bed options.
Stovax & Gazco electric fires and stoves bought from The Fireplace Company come with a two-year guarantee.Download the brochure For more information about the Skope Outset electric fires please contact us today.

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